Our Values

  • Mission Statement:

  • We strive to be a true partner for our endowment and family clients, adding measurable value for them, thereby leveling the investment playing field for investors who are often ill-served by the investment community.

  • Core Values:

  • Integrity ‐ Maintaining our clients' interests first is an unwavering commitment. Every Mangham team member is held to that standard both in front of the client and behind the scenes.
  • Independence ‐ Organizational independence allows us to maintain our values and minimize conflicts of interest. We are 100% owned by our employees. We are not affiliated with nor a subsidiary of any other organization.
  • Teamwork ‐ We employ a team approach in all aspects of our business with the firm belief that a strong team achieves more than the sum of its parts. The right professionals working together effectively leads to more consistent decision making and better results.
  • Excellence ‐ Each team member shares the values of the firm and is motivated, intelligent and inquisitive. A culture of excellence is supported by insisting on rigorous fact-based analysis and open discussion where respectful collegial debate and intellectual honesty drives decisions.
  • Transparency ‐ We aim to give our clients complete clarity at all times. Giving our clients insight into our decision making results in trust and strong, long lasting relationships.
  • Partnership ‐ We are motivated to be true partners with our clients, trustworthy stewards of their assets and to play our part in helping our clients achieve their goals and missions.