Our Approach

To ensure that the investment management process integrates with a client's mission, we seek to fully understand a client's needs to match their portfolio's asset allocation with an appropriate risk profile and return target.

In developing an OCIO relationship with clients, we believe that a proper alignment of responsibilities results in a long and enduring relationship. As such, we optimally separate responsibilities between our investment team and a client's investment committee. Simply put, the investment committee maintains authority over all investment policy decisions, including the proper level of market exposure, liquidity needs, spending policy, and broad asset allocation. We believe the committee is best suited to make these decisions to match the needs of the organization. We are happy to provide expertise and guidance during the formulation of the investment policy.

We maintain primary responsibility for all investment strategy decisions, including manager selection, risk management, liquidity management, strategic asset allocation and tactical movements. We are responsible for choosing and hiring investment managers and for monitoring and evaluating those managers.

Our overriding goal for our clients' portfolios is to capture a better return with a lower risk of capital loss than can be obtained through passive exposures. We invest in long-only equity, long/short equity, credit strategies, private equity, private equity in real assets, high-quality fixed income and various other active strategies.