Our Approach

In developing an OCIO relationship with a client, our goal is to fit our expertise with that client's needs, in a way that best suits them. We don't put boundaries around what we should be doing; instead, we strive to add measurable value and promote our clients' successes within the context of their own policies and cultures. Indeed, our definition of an OCIO role is precisely how an organization should expect a successful CIO to work; to always represent the best interest of the client in ways that promote the client's investment success, whether through discretionary decision-making or consultative advising.

An early and important step is to properly define and align our responsibilities with our clients, which we believe helps foster long and enduring relationships. As an example, while many of our clients have fully delegated responsibility for manager selection and strategic asset allocation decisions to us, some have chosen to maintain certain aspects of these responsibilities themselves. However, each of our clients maintain authority over all investment policy decisions, including the proper level of market exposure, liquidity needs, spending policy, and broad asset allocation. While we are always available to provide expertise, guidance and recommendations, our clients maintain control of investment policy decisions to help ensure that results match the needs of their organizations or families.